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Rental LED Display

  • Rental Indoor LED Display PH6mm

    Rental Indoor LED Display PH6mm

    SpecificationsRental Indoor LED Display PH6mm 1. only 8kg/cabinet 2.  easy to move and install 3.  perfect for music shows,concertsPromiment Advantages: 1.  Special design,with die casting aluminum,quite slim cabinet,per cabinet of 480mmx480mm,about 8kgs; 2.  between cabinets,we&...
    2013-08-05 18:28
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  • rental Indoor full color  LED display

    rental Indoor full color LED display

    Technical Specification: Pixel configuration:SMD1616 1R1G1B 3 in 1LEDs configuration:"Red:wave length: 625~630nm;300-400mcd Green:wave length: 525~530nm;600-800mcd Blue:wave length: 470~475nm;100-150mcd":Pixel pitch(mm):2.8Pixel density(dots/SQM):127551Calibrated brightness(cd/sqm,nit) :1500 nits(adjustable)Calibrated brightness proportion ratio:R:...
    2013-04-19 17:17
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